Why SSS?

...chemistry had become a daily frustration in our home schooling.  What had been an overwhelming subject was made systematically clear and understandable.  We can't say enough about Steve's ability to not only organize but customize a subject to the student's learning style.           
    - Bonnie, parent of home educated student
Thanks for getting Emma excited about science! She loved science club!
   -Parent of Snapshot Science Club participant

[Our kids] have really enjoyed the program and we've been excited to see the new
projects...The letter to parents has also been very appreciated...We look forward to additional Snapshot Science programs in the future.
    - Parent of Snapshot Science Club participant
...what I found most valuable about the CSS [Current Science Seminar], is the opportunity it provided to hear other viewpoints while simultaneously expanding my scientific understanding in a relaxed, discussion-based setting
    -CSS student 2010-11
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