Snapshot Science Club Program & Kits

Bring our field tested K-2 or 3-5 program to your afterschool or homeschool program!

Snapshot Science Club options:
  • Purchase The Best of Snapshot Science Club (K-2) activity guide (adaptable grades 3-5). 
    • Run your own program by purchasing kits.  Instructor training available!
    • Kit rental.  Try out the program with an option to purchase.
  • Program run by Snapshot Science Instructors - contact us for more information and pricing.
Program overview:
Snapshot Science Club activities are fun, engaging, and aligned to the three dimensions of science learning in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  See Appendix-A attached below.  
Each activity engages participants by offering opportunities to play and also run experiments as a team of scientists. Modelling, observation, prediction, measurement, and data analyses skills are practiced.

What do parents say about Snapshot Science Club?  Check out the Why SSS? page.

The Best of Snapshot Science Club (K-2) activities overview:
    1. Gravity on Earth: Bubbles to Balloons (sample lesson plan attached below)
          Model gravity; measure and compare rate at which different sized objects fall
    2. Science of Sound
           Model sound waves on oscilloscope; compare volumes and pitches of musical instruments
    3. Magnetism 
           Observe magnetic fields; compare magnetic poles; measure differences in attraction
    4. Who’s an Engineer? Part 1 
            Measure differences in friction with a Vernier Force Plate; graph results
    5. Who’s an Engineer? Part 2
            Build model wind-up cars from recyclable materials; compare distance traveled with more                 and less friction on wheels
    6. Paper Bones
            Compare forces required to crush bones of various diameters; wrap up sessions

Sample lesson plan available below.

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