Middle School*

 Ecology Field Studies Group – Meets monthly to perform natural resources field experiments in water quality, forestry, soil science, and wildlife.  Full school year or semester options for high school or middle school students available.  Tuition - $200 for year-long; $125 for semester. 
Course code - ECO (MS) - Sem or yr            Register here
Lego Series - Renewable Energy
Students will explore renewable energy by building solar, hydro, and wind LEGO projects and carry out an experiment to assess the capabilities of their project. Grades 5-7. Group will meet weekly for 4 evenings at Newman High School. Tuition - $60
Course code - LEGO            Register here
*Specific Times and Dates will be determined AFTER enough interest has been expressed by potential students.  This will allow for flexibility to meet your needs. Please contact Snapshot Science to put your name on the list.
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