K-12 Lab and Field Experiences

Lab Groups (grades 9-12)                                                                        2-3 hrs/session           Hourly rate/student
Collaborate with peers weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly to perform lab experiments in advanced science subjects, such as Chemistry or Anatomy and Physiology. Group labs can be customized or choose a specific curriculum--Advanced Placement (AP), Apologia, or your choice.  Price reduced for multiple students and for meeting consistently. Lab location depends on equipment and safety, but many can be done in-home.  Form your own group or contact us to be added to an existing group.
Where does the water go? (5-8 OR 9-12)                                   Full Day               $50/student (4 minimum)
Take the journey of our most precious resource to the Gulf of Mexico without leaving Marathon County!  Students will outline the Eau Claire River watershed and learn the use of field science tools to study the biology, chemistry, and physics of streams.  Then hit the road with other young aquatic scientists to investigate how our use of the land affects the quality of water between the Dells of the Eau Claire and Weston, Wisconsin.  (At least one parent chaperone required for field work portion).  Offered May and September.

Customized Science Experiments (9-12)                                                                               Hourly rate/student          

You choose the topic based on your interest or specific science curriculum.  We will provide or design a lab or field activity or science project to meet your needs.  Hourly rate depends on number of students.  Call for more information.