High School Science

Customized Lab Groups (grades 9-12)                                                                     2-3 hrs/session
Collaborate with peers weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly to perform lab experiments in advanced science subjects, such as Chemistry or Anatomy and Physiology. Group labs can be customized or choose a specific curriculum--Advanced Placement (AP), Apologia, or your choice.  Price reduced for multiple students and for meeting consistently. Lab location depends on equipment and safety, but many can be done in-home.  Form your own group or contact us to be added to an existing group.
High School Chemistry Lab                                Prerequisite - succesful completion of Algebra 1
Meets approximately twice monthly to perform standard labs to support any high school chemistry curriculum.  While some labs can be done in-home, Snapshot Science has evening access to a recently renovated, fully-equipped science lab at Newman High School.  Full school year mid-September through mid May.  Tuition - $300 per student for group of 4-8.  Tuition increases with fewer than 4 students.  Tuition may also be paid on a per lab basis.
Course code - CHEM                        Register here

Ecology Field Studies – Meets monthly to perform natural resources field experiments in water quality, forestry, soil science, and wildlife.  Full school year or semester options for high school or middle school students available.  Tuition - $200 for year-long; $125 for semester. 

Course code - ECO (HS) - Sem or yr        Register here


Biotechnology Series – Perform 4 lab experiments over a 1 month period – DNA extraction, Enzyme Activity Rate, DNA Fingerprinting, and Bacterial Transformation (3 Advanced Placement – AP Biology Labs).  Tuition - $200 plus market cost of prepared lab materials.  Call for current price. 

Course code - BIO                            Register here


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*Specific Times and Dates for each of the above groups will be determined AFTER enough interest has been expressed by potential students.  This will allow for flexibility to meet your needs.  Please contact Snapshot Science to put your name on the list.
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