Science Camps

An updated list of summer programs will be coming soon.  Changes include a discounted price for the remaining programs in the middle school She Science Series (YWCA), and The Science of Art will be offered again in June instead of The Science of Sports.  In addition, there will be an elementary program (open to both girls and boys), The Science of Music in mornings the week of August 14-17.  Stay tuned for further information! 

Themes for The Science of Art - June 12-15
  • Monday -  Why Art?  Ancient Art & Nature; 
  • Tuesday - Vision, Light, & Perception; 
  • Wednesday - Colors of Light & Pigment; 
  • Thursday - Science modeling & art in motion. 
Art projects will include: fiber weaving, painting, drawing, chalk making, animation
Science topics & experiments will include: chemistry, anatomy of the eye, illusions, science modeling, physics, 

 It is going to be so much fun creating and learning!

The Science of Music - August 14-17
Each day will be filled with the wonders of music from a scientific perspective.  Campers will enjoy exploring music by creating sounds, building simple instruments and models, performing controlled experiments, making music, and more.  Come join the fun! 

 Day             Topics Sciences Emphasized
 Monday Sound Basics & Hearing Physics - Energy & Waves
Biology - Anatomy & Physiology
 TuesdayVocals & Percussion InstrumentsMaterials Science; Physics - Acoustics; Biology
 Wednesday  Instruments - Strings & Wind Materials Science; Physics - Acoustics
 ThursdayMusic in Nature Biology; Meteorology; and MORE!

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