ACT Services for School Districts

Snapshot Science, LLC in conjunction with The Read Write Workshp, LLC and Mathematics Instructor Peter Barbella offers a full suite of ACT Test Preparation in Science, English/Writing and Mathematics designed to introduce students to each ACT exam and to offer strategies and tips to maximize students' testing potential. Each module is taught by an experienced instructor with expertise in the subject and current state licensure.

Our Program

Science: This workshop is designed to familiarize students with the 3 types of passages and range of questions and visuals to expect on the exam.  Students are taught how to maximize time and customize their own strategy based on their strengths and challenges. Analysis of unfamiliar data is also a key component of the workshop. 
    Instructor - Stephen Schmidt, Manager of Snapshot Science, LLC.

English/Reading (combined workshop):
English: Students will have the opportunity to analyze usage/mechanics questions and the rhetorical skills questions to see common vocabulary utilized, to help understand how to interpret these questions and answer them effectively. Students will practice answering common types of questions in small groups and as individuals.  Common usage and mechanics rules will be reviewed if time permits.
Reading: Students will have the opportunity to analyze different types of reading passages with accompanying questions to understand common vocabulary utilized and to interpret what kinds of questions are typically asked.  Students will practice answering questions over different types of reading passages in small groups and as individuals.  
    Instructor - Sara Eberlein, Manager of The Read Write Workshop, LLC.

Math: This workshop is designed to introduce students to the range of problems found on the exam.  Students spend time working through an exam, reviewing strategies for solving specific problems, and learning ways to solve problems more quickly.  Students will have the opportunity to work at their own pace and ask as many questions as desired as they proceed through the range of questions found on the ACT exam.  
    Instructor, Peter Barbella, Certified Mathematics Instructor.


Quality: Programs are presented by three licensed teachers with current and extensive classroom experience working with students of Northcentral Wisconsin.

Customized: Programs are modified to meet the unique requirements of the students in a client-district.

Cost Effective:  Our service is owner-operated. As such, quality services are offered at fees well below what your district might expect to incur for personal, professional-calibre ACT Preparation services. As owner-operators, we are highly motivated to provide services that are well-received by staff and students

Your Instructors

Stephen Schmidt, Science: Has 15 years of classroom experience and for the past six years Stephen has conducted ACT preparation workshops, run successful after-school and summer enrichment programs as the owner-operator of Snapshot Science, LLC. 

Sara Eberlein: English, Reading & Writing: On staff at Wausau East High School for over 30 years where she chaired the English Department, Sara has taught all levels of high school English courses.  She has conducted ACT Preparation workshops as the owner-manager of The Read Write Workshop, LLC.

Peter Barbella, Mathematics: Currently on staff at Northcentral Technical College, Peter has over 30 years high school classroom experience teaching all levels of secondary mathematics from remedial middle school mathematics to AP Calculus and AP Statistics.  For the past eight years, he has conducted ACT Preparation though his Mathematics Tutoring service.



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