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Art and Nature Center Program - Washington Island, WI

posted Jun 30, 2013, 5:13 PM by Stephen Schmidt

Can music calm the savage beast?  We are not sure, but it can conquer the summer doldrums for your youngsters!  Join fellow young scientists ages 6 to through 11 to explore music from a scientific perspective.  The program will run afternoons July 9th - 11th in collaboration with Snapshot Science, LLC.  Participants will discover how sound is made by a variety of instruments and everyday objects, how sound travels, how hearing works, and music of the natural world. 


            Tuesday, July 9th – Sound

How is sound made? How do scientists measure sound? How does sound move through air?  Experiment – High or Low?

            Wednesday, July 10th – Hearing & Instruments

Ear Anatomy; Experiment – Can you hear a pin drop?  Construct a simple instrument,

            Thursday, July 11th – Breathing, Brass, and Bats

Construct a model of the lung from simple materials. Experiment - How do wind instruments change pitch?  Construct a simple wind instrument.  Nature sounds games


Waltz in to the Washington Island Art & Nature Center to sign up.  Space limited to first 15.  Participants are asked to participate all 3 days.