Response to COVID 19...Science class in your home!

posted Mar 21, 2020, 5:32 AM by Stephen Schmidt   [ updated Mar 23, 2020, 8:57 AM ]

Snapshot Science will release a series of elementary science experiments and resources each week to help bring science class to you!  The most important aspect of these experiments is to let our young scientists explore by DOING science.  De-emphasize the concepts in favor of the process of scientific inquiry.  Concepts will come with the science, but there should be no pressure to "get it right".  This is especially important with their hypothesis/prediction.  Too many kids learn to dislike science when there is an overemphasis on who can remember the most facts. Learn the processes and the knowledge will come!  Have some fun with this!

Home Science Experiment 1 (Watch video) - VIDEO WILL GO LIVE 6am on March 22
Test the difference in bounce height and bounce duration between two sports balls, in this trial a baseball and a racquetball (or any other sports balls you have at home).  
  1. Down load and print the data sheet and example graph below. Or use them to help set up your science journal.
  2. Read the problem and make hypothesis (prediction).
  3. Test hypothesis: Estimate height of first bounce next to a tape measure and using a stopwatch, time how long a ball bounces from the drop until the ball stops bouncing or begins to roll. Record data on the data sheet. Make a simple bar graph from the data.
  4. Analyze the data and communicate results.  Write down or discuss the data with someone else.  
  5. Alter the experiment or design an experiment of your own.

Data sheet and example graph sheet are available for download below.  

Summer Camp 2019 - DINOSAUR CAMP!!

posted Jun 15, 2019, 1:24 PM by Stephen Schmidt

Snapshot Science is collaborating with Colossal Fossils to bring you this unique science experience!  

Camp runs 9:30 to noon Tuesday through Thursday morning, August 13-15 at Colossal Fossils Downtown Museum in the Wausau Center Mall.

More information on the Dinosaur Camp page in the menu on the left.

Candlelight Walk at Rudolph Environmental Center

posted Dec 14, 2018, 9:47 AM by Stephen Schmidt

Please join us in a peaceful candlelight walk at the REC on Wednesday,December 19th.  See flyer below for details.

Underwater Robotics Club Kick-off Event

posted Sep 14, 2018, 10:31 AM by Stephen Schmidt

STEM ROV Club 2018 - 19 Kickoff Event!
Our season begins on Thursday, September 27th.  Join us for an informational meeting at 6pm at the UWSP - Wausau Fieldhouse classroom followed by new member sign up and an opportunity to pilot a remotely operated vehicle in the UW Pool until 7:30pm!  Interested students in grades 6-12 should come with their responsible adult. Light refreshments will be served.
See Club page for more details.

2018 Summer Programs!

posted Mar 28, 2018, 8:15 PM by Stephen Schmidt

More information here

Underwater Robotics Workshop on Washington Island

posted Jun 24, 2017, 8:13 AM by Stephen Schmidt

Who should attend? Middle school & high school students interested in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM)


What? Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are robotic tools used to perform many underwater tasks, such as repairs, salvage work, ocean and freshwater science, and exploration.  Participants will learn the science behind ROVs, basic soldering, wiring, and coding.  Two hours will be on the pool deck to practice piloting an ROV (7/24), complete a mission at the REC(7/25) and in Lake Michigan! (7/26)


When?  Noon to 4pm July 24 – 26


Where? Washington Island Mosling REC Center Mosling Room and Pool Deck 7/24 & 7/25; Island shore or dock 7/26


How?  RSVP to or text to 715-301-0121 Registration confirmed upon receipt of form and $100 fee by Friday, July 21.  Register soon as space is limited to the first 8 students.


Registration forms may be downloaded & printed from or picked up at the REC.  

Summer offerings update

posted Apr 6, 2017, 12:18 PM by Stephen Schmidt

An updated list of summer programs will be coming soon.  Changes include a discounted price for the remaining programs in the middle school She Science Series (YWCA), and The Science of Art will be offered again in June instead of The Science of Sports.  In addition, there will be an elementary program (open to both girls and boys), The Science of Music in mornings the week of August 14-17.  Stay tuned for further information by visiting the Science Camps page or Follow Us on Facebook.

She Science Series with YWCA

posted Feb 6, 2017, 8:02 AM by Stephen Schmidt

Underwater Robotics Class for 6th - 8th Grade Students!

posted Jan 4, 2017, 12:33 PM by Stephen Schmidt   [ updated Jan 4, 2017, 12:33 PM ]

Horace Mann Middle School 3 - 4:15pm Wednesdays, January 18 - February 22.

Please pass this on to any friends and families who might be interested. More details below...

This after school enrichment program introduces students to the engineering and science of Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROVs). Students work in teams to perform a science experiment, build a virtual ROV and real ROV frame, learn to solder a practice control board, and complete a mission. Watch the video linked below to see an ROV built by Wausau students in action at a competition.

I. ROV Basics
II. Engineering & Design
III. Sea Trials (pool)
IV. Circuitry & Soldering
V. Complete Soldering Project & ROV Frame
VI. Complete a mission

The program is open to any middle school aged student who lives in the Wausau School District.

Contact for more information or to register, complete the permission slip below, print, and deliver or mail to Zoe Morning at Horace Mann Middle School.

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